Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kiva Loan - Reyna Isabel Martinez

It was actually a few days too early for us to make another Kiva loan, but we had a pretty big credit burning a hole in our pocket. Our newest loan is to a crafty entrepreneur in León City, Nicaragua. Good luck, Ms. Martinez!

Here are the Kiva stats:

Name: Reyna Isabel Martinez
Location: León, Nicaragua
Primary Activity: Crafts
Loan Amount: $1000
Repayment Term: 14 months
Loan Use: Buy handicrafts

"Mrs. Reyna Martínez has sold handicrafts for ten years in the Telica municipality of León City. Every day she sells in her community. She does this because she wants to provide sustenance to her daughter who needs her support so much. She now comes to Ceprodel to ask for a loan to buy handicrafts. She will sell them in her community. She needs income to maintain her family." Translated from Spanish by Ginny Kalish, Kiva Volunteer

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