Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kiva Loan - Lilian K. Chigome

We don't usually make more than one loan per month, but sometimes there is a Kiva Alert that we can't pass up on. We love supporting other stationery businesses!

Here's her info from Kiva:

Name: Lilian K. Chigome
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania
Primary Activity: Paper Sales
Loan Requested: $650
Repayment Term: 11 month
Loan Use: To purchase more stationery materials for her business

Mambo (Greetings!) from Tanzania! This is 30-year-old Lilian Chigome from Mbeya. She is married and has two children aged 5 and 11. Lilian has been running a stationery business since 2007. She buys stationery materials wholesale and sells them retail. Lilian works at her business for 9-12 hours per day, 6 days per week and is assisted by one employee. Lilian currently earns about $300 USD a month from her business. She is requesting a loan of $625 USD to purchase more stationary materials for her business. In the future, she plans to open the same business at a new location. Lilian thanks you for your support!

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kiva Loan - Wilma Villacorta Murguia

Our latest Kiva loan is now on the books. This entrepreneur will be using her loan for materials for her craft making classes where she teaches other women to make crafts. Good luck, Wilma!

Here's her info from Kiva:

Name: Wilma Villacorta Murguia
Location: La Paz, Bolivia
Primary Activity: Crafts
Loan Requested: $300
Repayment Term: 1 month
Loan Use: To purchase craftwork materials

Wilma is one of the agency's oldest and most punctual (re-payment) clients. She dedicates herself to various craftworks such as fabric painting, embroidery, macrame, and doll-making. Her children are now adults, and her grandchildren always keep an eye out for her. She teaches classes to women who wish to learn how to make craftworks like fabric paintings and embroideries. The loan will be used to buy materials such as paint, fabrics, threads, etc. for use in her classes. Translated from Spanish by Jim Muir, Kiva Volunteer

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