Monday, April 6, 2009


We now have a 3 month old in the house. Naomi is the most precious thing to happen to us, but I admit getting back into work mode is difficult when all I want to do is munch on her chubby little legs and sew cute hats and clothes for her! She has proven quite the distraction.

But, alas, the bank account calls! So, I need to get back to work. I recently started to follow a great blog by fellow northwesterner, Jena Coray, called Modish Biz Tips — a spin-off of her main blog, Modish, covering beautifully designed handmade goods. Modish Biz Tips has been a great source of inspiration in terms of keeping the fire going to run a small craft business, a not always easy feat. But on Friday I found a great post waiting for me in my Reader. Jena offered her followers a way to find some accountablility to kick our butts into gear - a Monthly Goal Meetup!

The idea: on the first Friday of every the month, post business goals to your own blog for that month, then post a comment on MBT with a link to the post. The following first Friday we will all check in and hopefully what we will find is a bunch of crossed off list items and fresh ones to take their place! I love it... This is just what I need.

SO, here it goes, I am committing. My TO DO LIST for APRIL 2009:
  1. Create a blog editorial schedule;
  2. Create an image template for blog posts;
  3. Start going to the studio every Monday to print (starting next week!);
  4. Create an annual product release schedule
  5. Flush out six new wedding suite designs.
OK, I think this is a good start! I am totally psyched up, and I have Jena to thank for it!

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