Friday, April 10, 2009

New Blog Editorial Schedule

This is a very exciting development for us! I am buckling down and committing to this blog. Let me re-phrase – I have always been committed, but time and energy have been scarce with a baby in the house! But here I am, with my new-found accountability via my monthly goal list (read more about this here).

Here are the details of our new blog editorial calendar. Mind you, I am keeping it light to start. Let me ease into the work!


ETSIAN: Here I will post updates on our Etsy shop progress. We are relatively new to Etsy so we are still learning the ins and outs of listing items, getting exposure, and making sales.

GIFTED&TALENTED: I am continually inspired by everything around me - other artists, my environment, non-paper goods, random pics from Flickr or the latest magazine to hit my mailbox. Here I will share what is on my mind and think about how these ideas will translate into my paper products!

PROcess: This is where I will discuss different subjects regarding process - how UE works with clients, printing methods, etc. Hear about all the ways we can help you!


COLOR CODE: The first of every month I will post a color trend palette based on color combinations I am inspired by. Some will be seasonal, some whimsical, and some will just make you scratch your head and wonder "why?"...

KIVA: We typically make one loan a month, so updates with be once monthly. Again, if you want to join our KIVA team, click here.


LINE UP: As new products are designed and produced, we will be sure to let our loyal readers know first!

NON-PROFIT WORK: We are involves in a couple different NP organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. As exciting things happen, we'll keep you posted so you can get involved if you want.

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