Monday, April 20, 2009

PROcess: Timeline

A standard part of the design process for me is the development of a timeline for your stationery. Some might call this overly-thorough but having a background in the planning of events I just can't help but think in terms of timeline.

First of all, I think it is important that both you, the client, and me, the designer, are on the same page in terms of expectations. I need to let you know, realistically and based on the design of your stationery, what you should expect for turn-around. And you need to have the opportunity to let me know if you need a rush on certain items, or if the proposed timeline looks good.

Also, we don't expect for you to know what the proper timing is in terms of Save The Date mailing (6-12 months prior to the event), stationery delivery date (depending on whether you are addressing and mailing or you would like UE to calligraphy and mail your invitations), mail date (6-8 weeks prior to rsvp date), and rsvp date (3-6 weeks prior to the event). The timeline actually becomes especially important when you plan on having UE produce event stationery for you such as escort cards, placards, menus, etc. These things are time-sensitive and require final responses from the guests, opportunity for you to establish table and seat assignments, and then deliver that final list to us with enough time for us to produce and ship before the event... I think you are beginning to understand why having a client-approved stationery timeline is so important to us.

We know there is a lot to think about here so rest assured that UE will help alleviate at least this small part of the planning process! It is just another uncommon part of our service that sets Uncommon Envelope apart from other designers.

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