Monday, June 22, 2009

Daily Paper: El Jefe Design

I should actually be asking Jim to write this post since he is the one that is so intrigued by El Jefe Design. I am, too, don't get me wrong, but Jim was moved to buy not one but TWO silkscreen posters yesterday from El Jefe's Etsy shop. This is kind of out of character for the normally cash-conservative man I married. So when he splurged (And, really, at $20 each why not) I knew that El Jefe was worth a post! This is what he bought:

The LUCHA LIBRAry will be hung in Naomi's room so she can learn her alphabet properly. The Twin Peaks inspired A Damn Good Cup of Joe... And Hot! will, of course, hang in the kitchen.

UPDATE: These posters are WAY cooler in person - the color is awesome and the prints are near perfect. AND Jeff shipped FedEx... we feel so taken care of.

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