Friday, December 18, 2009

Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

ADULTS ONLY PLEASE (strong language)

Last night the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center featured a documentary on Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. called "Proceed and Be Bold" as part of it's African American Film Festival. The special part of this event? Kennedy was in the house!

Watch the trailer here.

Kennedy is an unapologetic, say it like it is, often offensive, always provocative, living the joy of his work "lowly negro printer," consciously eschewing the title of "artist." Often commenting on injustices he sees in his world as an African American man, the contradictory world of art, or absurdities he sees in politics, Kennedy is dedicated to keeping his art affordable and accessible, tangible and less-than-precious, and is content to live life happy - not confusing that with rich.

When I sat down with Kennedy for a short chat, he took one look at the posters I chose and said, "Ahhh... a girl with attitude." Best compliment ever. We talked briefly about Tacoma and I encouraged him to visit the fine printers we have down here. You can be sure the next time we are in Alabama visiting family we'll be making an overnight trip to York to visit his studio.

new additions to our home

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