Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kiva Loan - Comite Nueva Esperanza II Group

We just made our latest Kiva loan. This loan will help a group of women entrepreneurs in Paraguay purchase inventory for their individual businesses.

Here is their info from Kiva:

Comite Nueva Esperanza II Group
Location: Ita, Paraguay
Primary Activity: Retail
Loan Requested: $2,250.00
Repayment Term: 3 months
Loan Use: To buy merchandise to bolster their individual businesses' stock

"Comité Nueva Esperanza II is the name of a group formed on July 11 2008, made up of 21 women who met working with the "Entrepreneural Women's Committee Programme". They are in their third loan cycle. This group was formed thanks to the efforts of the current Director of Finance, Pabla Torales, who wanted to unite her neighbours and friends. The average loan per member is 600,000 Gs, which they will use for their varied businesses, such as clothing sales, food sales, hardware sales, ingredients' purchase (rice, sugar, noodles, cheeses, baked goods, herbs), lingerie sales, shoe sales, refreshments sales, soft drinks and candy sales, natural remedies sales, cleaning products sales, as well as the sale of items specifically for the New Year and more. They are all very happy to be working cooperatively and in solidarity with Fundación Paraguaya." Translated from Spanish by Laure Kwon, Kiva Volunteer

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