Friday, November 14, 2008


We have finally gotten our Etsy shop up and running! We are really excited about this, if you can't tell.

For those of you unfamiliar with Etsy, it is an online storefront geared towards crafters. I personally thought everyone knew what Etsy was until I recently had a couple friends visit from the east coast - both highly appreciative of craft - and they had never heard of it before. What?!

Right now our shop features 10 different blank-inside greeting cards - the first of our upcoming retail line! You should note that we are making an effort to ensure that all of our retail cards are as eco-friendly as possible so you can shop with a conscience. This means:
  • 100% Cotton, tree-free paper shell and envelope
  • 30% or greater Post Consumer Waste recycled inner liner
  • Soy-based inks
  • Man-powered letterpress printing
  • Biodegradable cellophane packaging
The cards available right now are split into two collections:

The Wisdom Collection is a classic looking exploration of uncommon wisdom for everyday life.

The Hello. Collection features playful geometric patterns combined with playful greetings.

So be sure to check out our shop and mark it as a favorite in your Etsy account, then shop away! We'll keep you posted on the upcoming arrival of additional items available for sale. Also, if you like something you see but are inspired to personalize it in some way, contact me and let's discuss! I am always happy to work on new projects.

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  1. Love love love etsy :)!!! it's my favorite hair clip place as of late. in fact, i'll be doing a post on this topic sometime soon when i have the time...ha ha.