Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thank you for tuning in to listen to Uncommon Envelope's running dialogue. We hope to keep you updated on studio news, new products and designs, features of work-in-progress, comments on what else is happening in the design world, and little spots about other organizations we are involved in.

Uncommon Envelope has gone through an amazing growing period over the last several months! We have been redefining our goals and re-establishing our presence in the industry. 2009 will only prove to be more exciting with much more growth on the way:

* Fresh, "Buildable" wedding suite designs that will be available for order - we like to think of these designs as a step down from custom, but ready to personlize in exciting ways! This will keep the line flexible to suit the many different styles and budget sizes of our clients.

* A new collection of lifestyle stationery that will be available through our site and in select retail stores - an exciting new addition to our portfolio that will allow our fans to enjoy using UE paper products everyday!

* And, last but not least, a baby girl - our budding little designer - due in January!

So, stay tuned and subscribe to get the latest news as soon as we send it! We are looking forward to hearing your comments, and of course we welcome tips - if you see something we may be interested in, let us know!

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